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Welcome to David Hood's collection of Celtic Badges . The site started in 2003 and is the original and most comprehensive Celtic Badges Site on the internet.

Two of my favourite areas of Celtic Badge collecting are Celtic Supporters Club badges and Celtic Match Badges. I have over 1300 Celtic Supporters Club Badges on display. I can assist Celtic Supporters Clubs in getting a badge made. A good fundraiser for your club. Contact me for further information, including design assistance. Go for an Enamel badge and don't be tempted to be satisfied with some of the poorer finishes that some badge designers/ makers pass off nowadays. Celtic Supporters Clubs can take a free advert out on the site to promote CSC badge sales.

Can you help with any Celtic Supporters Club badge on my wants list? I offer top prices or a great swap.

Celtic Match Badges are very popular. I must have over 1500 on the site now. They are catogorised into European Match Badges, Testimonial Matches, Friendlies, USA/Canadian Celtic Tours, Cup Finals & Semi Finals and Championship badges