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The majority of strip badges are on this page. There are others on Players, Lisbon Lions, Makes and Celtic Shop pages
Strip badge 2010-11 Strip badge 2010-11 Strip badge 2010-11 Street Vendor - Strip badge
Street Vendor - Strip badge Strips Home & Away 2009/10 Street Vendor - Strip badge 2007/8 away strip
  Home & Away 2009/10   2007/8 away strip
Strip badge silver coloured metal Strip badge gold coloured metal 2006/7 away strip
  silver coloured metal gold coloured metal 2006/7 away strip
2006/7 away strip
2006/7 away strip   CR Smith Hampden 7-1
Green has come off NTL Carling - error Carling
Lisbon 1967      
  National Charity badge    
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